Richard Buxton Solicitors: Partner Susan Ring - DBJRG’s legal advisor – scroll down the page to find out more about her work and experience

Mike Stigwood of MAS Environmental - DBJRG’s noise and planning expert –
Some helpful basics about noise and its complexities on the MAS website

Noise Bulletin – a magazine serving the needs of noise professionals working in the field of environmental noise, environmental health, nuisance, acoustics and occupational noise: 

Wind Watch - a reliable source for research material and news about industrial wind power:

Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) - is supportive of developing sustainable energy generating schemes and is chaired by Noel Edmonds:

Renewable Energy Systems (RES) - the wind farm developers for the Den Brook Valley Wind Farm proposals and other Wind Farms in UK 

Country Guardian - a UK conservation group which, since 1991, has compiled a vast resource of information campaigning against the construction of wind turbines in environmentally sensitive

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