(Den Brook Judicial Review Group)

Who are we?

We are a group of local residents who are very concerned about the proposed Den Brook Wind Farm that Renewable Energy Systems (RES) want to erect very close to our homes and businesses.

We live in North Tawton, Bow and Spreyton and are all squeezing involvement in the
Group around normal, busy lives with children, jobs and day-to-day living. Some of us
have been involved since before the first Inquiry in 2006. Others joined more recently,
concerned about the information RES had provided and as the benefits of the ‘green’
energy the Wind Farm is supposed to produce have become less than black and white.

If you want to raise your concerns or ask questions of a real person rather than looking at a website, please feel free to call or email:

Mike Hulme 01363 82220
Contact by e-mail

What is DBJRG concerned about?

We believe that unless and until these issues are satisfactorily answered, we cannot support the Den Brook Wind Farm.

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Please support the Den Brook Valley communities of Spreyton, Bow & North Tawton