DBJDG (Den Brook Judicial Review Group)

Who are we?

We are a group of local residents who are very concerned about the proposed Den Brook Wind Farm that Renewable Energy Systems (RES) want to erect very close to our homes and businesses.

We live in North Tawton, Bow and Spreyton and are all squeezing involvement in the Group around normal, busy lives with children, jobs and day-to-day living. Some of us have been involved since before the first Inquiry in 2006. Others joined more recently, concerned about the information RES had provided and as the benefits of the ‘green’ energy the Wind Farm is supposed to produce have become less than black and white. If you want to raise your concerns or ask questions of a real person rather than looking at a website, please feel free to call or email:

Email: info@denbrookvalley.co.uk
Mike Hulme  01363 82220

What is DBJRG concerned about?

  • We believe that residents in a wide area are at real risk of a serious noise problem from these turbines. People in other areas living close to turbines complain of frequent sleep disturbance, stress and related health problems. This is not just about disturbing our peace and quiet from time to time. 
  • RES made errors in the expert reports it produced to support its planning application but dismiss these as “minuscule”. We are disappointed that RES doesn’t appear to take its errors seriously. After all, RES accepted that the errors were enough to quash the planning permission and to agree to pay our legal costs.
  •  Independent noise experts don’t agree that the errors are “minuscule”. Instead we believe that RES used outdated and inadequate methodologies to predict the noise to be generated by the turbines. And what other errors could it have made? 
  • In order to rebuild community trust, all the information RES has amassed to support the wind farm development should be available for scrutiny by local people and their appointed experts. RES has recently promised it will give us more information but hasn’t told us when. Will we have enough time to prepare for the Inquiry? 
  • We want to know just how much electricity this wind farm is it actually going to produce. Whilst RES stand to make a lot of money from consumer-sourced subsidies hidden in our electricity bills, the taxpayer may get very little “green” benefit. 
  • RES repeatedly dismiss suggestions that the Wind Farm will affect the value of surrounding properties and businesses. But would you buy a house with a serious noise problem? We must make sure we don’t lose out financially whilst RES make large profits.

We believe that unless and until these issues are satisfactorily answered, we cannot support the Den Brook Wind Farm.

For more information on how to donate or to request further information assisting you assess the potential impact of these issues on your home and family, please email: