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Update - 14th May 2013

RES have submitted a planning application to West Devon Borough Council aimed to drastically change the all-important Amplitude Modulation (AM) Noise Conditions.

The application number is 00393/2013 It can be viewed by putting the number into the online planning search at: http://apps.westdevon.gov.uk/planningSearch/default.aspx

It is the view of the Den Brook Judicial Review Group that, if approved, RES's proposals would leave those living in the locality with neither proper nor adequate protection from potentially health damaging noise, particularly during night-times.

We further believe this application confirms that the wind farm is not only poorly designed and inappropriately located but that construction of the wind farm is unlikely to be viable without the developer significantly undermining the currently imposed AM noise conditions.

The application contains a range of deceptively hidden and serious technical shortcomings. What's more, it may well be unlawful.

Ideally, professionally backed representations need to be submitted to WDBC along with general comments from individuals. Professional expertise and legal advice will of course cost money. The Den Brook case sets a precedent nationwide so please help us to also help you:

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Please note:
A Briefing Paper has been prepared by the DBJRG providing a concise overview of RES's planning application. The applicant's proposals are aimed to significantly reduced noise controls for the proposed Den Brook wind turbines which will undoubtedly have a knock-on affect for wind turbines nationwide.

Please contact us for a copy or more information

New Evidence (December 2009) Shows that Government Suppressed Expert Advice to Lower Wind Turbine Noise Limits Intended to Protect Residents


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